Make it long’n fast

This time its not “Mother I’d Like to Fuck” we are talking about, but the Hard Rock band from Florence called “Make It Long ‘n Fast”. In 2010 M.I.L.F.’s story begins as a fresh and exciting project, involving a mix of Hard Rock, Glam-Metal and Punk music! As their creative music became recognised, they performed in increasingly widespread places and their audiences began to grow.
At their live shows they usually play some covers from bands which have influenced them such as AC/DC, Queen, Motley Crue, Twisted Sisters and many more. Till 2012 there were 5 members, including a second guitarist of untamed talent, but a sequence of unlucky events caused the band to carry on with just one. At the end of 2014 they decide to make a formation change, switching ciccio from bass to guitar(his first instrument) and calling a new bass player from the accademy Daniele Cozzi (alias “Dani”).
Now the band consists of Matt Lombardo (lead vocals, keyboards), Zip Faster (lead guitar), Ciccio (rhythm guitar, acustic guitar, backing vocals), Dani (bass) and Toby Alley (drums, backing vocals).

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More Than You

After so many months, tears, alcohol and even some blasphemy (just a little) our work is here! its name is MORE THAN YOU “first of is name, mother of”….whatever. It has been recorded at Musikalmente in Florence by the Master Ben Frassinelli (Tears for Fears, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Litfiba, Negrita) and Mastered by legendary Tommy Bianchi at WHITE SOUND MASTERING STUDIO (Elio e le Storie Tese, Marlene Kuntz, Giorgio Moroder).

It will be available from 3rd of June via Buil2Kill Records//Audioglobe in physical and digital format in Italy and worldwide, download and digital streaming on the main platforms.


Let’s Roll! – EP

The E.P. was released in November, 2012 and it was recorded at Studio Emme, Calenzano (FI).
Its name, “Let’s Roll”, was perfectly right ‘cause we exactly rolled into a new situation where we immedialty wanted to be at the top!
Let’s Roll was mostly appreciated by the listeners and they gave us the force and will to move on and pursue our projects.
With “Let’s Roll” the band wants to thank Luke (ex rhythmic guitarist) for the amazing moments we spent together! You are the bad ass rockest brother we have ever had.

New 2016 album is out now!

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